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Dani Alves calls Messi disrespectful

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Dani Alves has lashed out at Lionel Messi after a foul-mouthed rant against the regional governing body following his team’s defeat in the semifinals.

Dani Alves says that Lionel Messi was being disrespectful to the federation and teams following his rant against the football authorities.

The Barcelona striker was in a bad mood after he was sent off following an altercation with Gary Medel during the third place playoff. And although Argentina managed to win the game 2-1, Messi was simmering in anger and launched an attack on the competition, claiming that it was designed to favour Brazil.

However Dani Alves, who played with Messi during his time at Barcelona, says that although Messi is a friend, a friend cannot be right because he’s a friend. The former PSG full-back also said that Messi has disrespected Brazil and all the players who won the competition.

“A friend is not always right just because he’s a friend,” Alves told SporTV’s Bem Amigos as reported by The Daily Mail. “You can say it in the heat of the moment, but I still won’t agree.

“Firstly, he’s disrespecting an institution such as the Selecao, in my view. Secondly, he’s being disrespectful with several professionals who put a lot of things aside so they could be there fighting for a dream.

“I’m a friend who always tells the truth when it’s due, and I think he was wrong for saying these things.”

Dani Alves and Brazil went on to lift the Copa America 2019 trophy following a 3-1 win over Peru at the Maracana.

Brazil boss, Tite had earlier asked Messi to be more graceful in defeat.

“The one I treated as extraordinary, as extraterrestrial, needs to have more respect and accept when he is beaten,” Tite said of Messi after Brazil beat Peru to win the trophy.

“We were harmed [by referees] in several games. We played fair against Argentina the whole time [in the semi-final].

“I am being honest. He put huge pressure [on] because of his reputation.”