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Dani Alves defends Neymar from criticism

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The Paris Saint-Germain footballer has backed up his friend after Neymar failed to show up for the first day of training.

Neymar Jr. was absent in Paris Saint-Germain’s first day of training ahead of the 2019-2020 French Ligue 1 campaign.

And while the team is considering punishing the Brazilian star, his friend and teammate Dani Alves have come out to defend him from criticism.

“If a team has Messi, it must play for [Lionel] Messi, as it is with [Cristiano] Ronaldo,” he was quoted by The Bleacher Report.

“And Neymar is no different, he’s on another level and, the more the team dedicates itself to him, he’ll continue to give an answer on the pitch.”

“I don’t think these kinds of players do things that are not for the sake of the team,” he added.

“But sometimes I feel there’s this sensibility over Neymar that everything he does should be put under scrutiny.”

Dani Alves explained: “I disagree with a lot of the criticism about him because some of it targets his off-pitch doings and not his football, where he’s always provided results.”

“As a friend, my job is ensuring Neymar understands that he must find ways to realize his gift for football.”