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Dani Ceballos, the most underrated Spanish player today

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We’ve been looking for the next great Spanish player and we had him under our noses all along, meet underrated Dani Ceballos.

Even though you’ve probably been hearing Dani Ceballos’ name over the last few weeks, we can assure you that you hadn’t heard the name of this Spanish player prior to now.

Dani is a Real Betis product who started playing football with the idea of someday becoming a professional.

This is the type of midfielder that usually succeeds in Spain, he is cut from a similar cloth to Andres Iniesta.

An attacking midfielder at heart, Dani can also perform in the middle with similar results but his creativity would be wasted.

We can’t pinpoint the reason Zinedine Zidane didn’t trust this player yet.

All we’ve seen from him since he started his career, is an insatiable hunger for success and an eagerness to learn that we rarely see in players from his country.

This is the type of player that Unai Emery found, but he wasn’t surprised by him because the reports he got were always positive.

We can’t forget that Emery was Sevilla FC’s coach for many years, which gave him unique access to the local market of young players.

Dani Ceballos is a footballer who has been on everybody’s radar for years since he was a child, his type of talent doesn’t usually go unnoticed.

Florentino Perez quickly saw his potential and he didn’t hesitate to sign him, but Zidane is still not convinced.

Ceballos is not resentful about the treatment he got from the French manager, he is also a “glass half full” kind of guy.

“You have to be realistic,” Ceballos told The Guardian.

“The two good games I’ve had so far for Arsenal I never had in two years at Madrid. I didn’t play a lot but it’s also true that, when I played, I didn’t play as I can. That’s related to confidence but you have to be self-critical.”

“Emery knows me well and wants me to show my personality, my desire to learn. I’m still young.”

“I’m passionate about football. I can play as a 10 or an 8, but I feel the responsibility of leading, wanting the ball in difficult moments, not hiding, getting the team playing.”

“That’s what separates the really good players. It’s about saying ‘I’m here’ when the team needs you.”

“I try to play happy. The way to bring the best out of yourself is to enjoy what you do. We’re a team that wants the ball, so I feel comfortable.”

“The second half of the season is when people will see my best. I’m a player who tries to get at the opposition and make the difference and can tip the scales at any given moment.”

“It’s true that at times the desire to be near the ball gets the better of me and I can lose my position. I have a big margin for improvement; with experience I can,” he added.

Ceballos’ impact in English football was swift.

It’s not like Arsenal actually bought Dani Ceballos from Real Madrid, he came to the Gunners on a loan.

But looking at the way he is playing from the get-go, we wouldn’t be surprised if Arsenal wanted to buy him next summer.

If Dani officially becomes an Arsenal player next season on a permanent basis, he will be considered one of Zinedine Zidane’s biggest mistakes.

Dani is already making his impact in the Spanish National Team, where he is bound to leave an everlasting impression with his creative football.

We can catch Dani Ceballos playing for Arsenal this weekend as the Gunners visit Watford on Sunday.

We encourage you to follow this Spanish player on every chance you get, he is truly one who is worthy to analyze.

All the Arsenal fans must be thrilled to have such a special player on their roster, they finally see how the club is doing things right.

This season will be key for Ceballos to finally prove his worth, sending a message to Zidane through his results would be the best way to get his revenge for getting rejected all this time.

What do you think Dani Ceballos will accomplish in English football? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.