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Daniel James almost gave up on football

Daniel James, Manchester United, Premier League
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Manchester United’s new signing, Daniel James, spent seven years in the Hull Academy, but one day he almost gave up on football.

Manchester United signed Daniel James over the summer transfer window.

And the footballer is enjoying his time with the Red Devils.

But he talked to the club’s official website on how one day he was almost ready to give up on football.

“At the start, when I got to nearly 12 years old, I actually nearly gave up football. I wasn’t enjoying it,” he said.

“I was telling my mum and dad: ‘I’d rather be playing other football.’ Or I was missing out with my mates. I was training most nights and was missing out.”

He explained: “I was coming back from school and wanting to go out with my mates, but I had to go training. I had a serious meeting with the coaches at Hull [for them] to say: ‘No, we think you’ve got the ability and we want you to stay on here’.”

“Thankfully, from there, I did stay on. But there were times when I wasn’t enjoying it, but I think as a person I developed a lot, especially when I went to play my first game for Wales when I was 14.”

“The first games were against Belgium and Switzerland, and that changed me as well because I used to play striker at Hull, and when I went away with Wales, I played as a winger. I think that’s why I’ve come to be a winger now. Otherwise, I think I’d play in a different position,” he concluded.