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Daniel James impresses Patrice Evra

Daniel James, Manchester United
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The Manchester United legend gave Daniel James a passionate speech after the youngster was voted Player of the Month for August.

Daniel James left Swansea City in the summer to join Manchester United in the English Premier League.

And this month he was awarded the Red Devils’ Player of the Month award for August.

“I think you deserve it and, to be honest like I was saying before, I’m really, really happy to give you that trophy because the passion, the love,” legendary footballer Patrice Evra told him according to the team’s official website.

“I can see it. It’s the best day of your life when you’re playing for this club and we need those players.”

”I remember your celebration [against Chelsea] — you gave me goosebumps! I was watching on TV and it was not about your goal, but more about your celebration because it was like ‘the club is on the right way’ because we need players like you,” he added.

“Your age doesn’t matter.”

“If you’re young or you’re old, you need to show that passion and that love for this shirt because this badge has a big history,” he commented.

”I think you understand everything, and I’m convinced, 100 percent, that you’re going to have an amazing career because you have the right attitude, and that’s important.“