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Daniele De Rossi had to leave AS Roma against his will

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Midfielder Daniele De Rossi revealed that he announced his retirement from AS Roma against his will, he wanted to remain at the club more time.

Contrary to the perfect retirement plan that AS Roma made with Francesco Totti, turns out Daniele De Rossi’s departure wasn’t as good.

The Italian midfielder played for his beloved club for 18 consecutive seasons, he was one of the club’s main symbols next to Francesco Totti.

The club made a decision to drop De Rossi early on during the competition this year, but the player didn’t like what the club decided.

Despite being 36 years of age, Daniele De Rossi still feels like he can play for more years at the highest level and he is not planning on retiring anytime soon.

However, the club thinks that his time with his beloved squad is over and they are the ones who decided he had to leave.

Even though De Rossi didn’t say it out loud, what the AS Roma board of directors did to him is incredibly disrespectful.

Daniele is a symbol of the club, he has played 615 matches with the squad and he is only behind Francesco Totti as the most capped player in the club’s history.

There is still no further information about which club will be De Rossi’s next destination, he addressed the press and the fans during a press conference after his departure from the club became official.

“Roma and I chose each other. There is a lot of love between us, both now and in the future – even if it will be in another form,” he told a news conference on Wednesday via the AS Roma official website.

“Don’t bet against seeing me in with the fans at a few away games, having a sandwich and a beer and cheering on my friends.”

“Looking back, some specific moments I would change. But overall, I wouldn’t change anything about staying loyal to this team. If I had a magic wand, I would have put a few more trophies on the mantelpiece.”

“I realized the decision the club was going to take regarding myself. I’m almost 36 and I know how football is, but I didn’t want to distract from our European race.”

“I thank the directors for their offer – I respect it and appreciate it, but I still feel like a player.”

“I don’t agree that the decision should have been mine alone. The club exists to make these sort of decisions, alongside the coaches. Someone has to make that ultimate call.”

“Eventually I would like to be a coach. At this point I don’t see myself becoming a director, but at Roma a role like that would have some meaning.”

“I need to go away and study, to learn – it will be a long journey.”

“I’m not over the moon, but I accept the decision of the club. I have no resentment towards that. We never spoke about money: that was not the crux of the matter.”

James Pallotta is the man to blame for De Rossi’s departure.

The current AS Roma owner, James Pallotta, is the man responsible for this treatment that the former captain ha received.

During the time when Francesco Totti left, he was also the one who pushed the decision with the excuse that he was only thinking about the club.

Pallotta is an American who clearly has very little idea of what football is, he doesn’t understand how much value the fans have given their symbols.

All the fans are outraged for how the club owner has treated two of their biggest legends, but De Rossi was a gentleman and he didn’t respond in the same fashion that Pallotta did.

Daniele is a one-club-man who wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize the team’s well-being.

However, he certainly didn’t deserve this ending after so many years of loyalty to the club.

Contrary to Totti, De Rossi arrived a few years after AS Roma won the Serie A title in 2001.

He did manage to win two Coppa Italia trophies and the Italian Supercup, Daniele will never be forgotten at AS Roma.

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