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Danny Ings is backed up by Kevin Keegan

Danny Ings, Southampton
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The Southampton and England icon believes the Saints footballer will do very well next season in the Premier League.

English forward Danny Ings joined Southampton last summer on loan from Liverpool, and since then he’s enjoying his time at the Premier League side.

And Saints and England icon Kevin Keegan, has backed up the 26-year-old.

“When you play and pick up injuries, you never quite get up to match the speed,” Keegan told The Daily Echo.

“He is obviously a very talented player to score goals at that level because he has done it before at Liverpool.”

“He needs a bit of luck now and a run,” he added.

“I was lucky because I didn’t get many injuries. One of my worst injuries was when I was here and did my hamstring which isn’t a bad injury, but it knocked me back for six weeks.”

“He has had injuries that have knocked him back for five months which is half a year and almost the entire season,” Keegan continued.

“When you have been out for three or four months, and you go back in the team, you are playing against guys who have been playing every week without any interruptions in their training.”

He explained: “You are coming back in and you know you haven’t done it in a while and that you may not be 100 percent match fit.”

“It’s the pressure of the game, the pressure of the fact you’ve been out a while and you don’t want to go and get injured again. It’s human nature for it to be in the back of your mind.”