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David Luiz loves helping teammates

David Luiz, Arsenal, Premier League
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Arsenal footballer David Luiz loves helping his teammates and he continues to explain why he decided to leave Chelsea.

During the summer, Brazilian footballer David Luiz moved away from Chelsea to Arsenal in the English Premier League.

“I take pleasure from helping others. It makes me happy. To see Gabriel [Martinelli] scoring his first goal and looking towards his family — this gives me pleasure,” he told The Telegraph.

“To see Bukayo [Saka] playing at 18 years old in a big club — this gives me pleasure. I was playing in the third division when I was 18!”

“To see Hector [Bellerin] come back from his injury with such hunger — this gives me pleasure,” he added.

“I decided to leave Chelsea before there was contact with Arsenal,” he commented.

“People do not know that but I decided early to leave Chelsea. After that, I had contact with Arsenal and I took a decision which everybody knows was not easy.”

“Me and Lampard, we had honest conversations. Man to man, me and him. His ideas of football were different to mine,” he added.

“We just agreed: ‘OK, we move on’. In an honest way, in a mature way. We played together, we won together. We won the Champions League, the Europa League, everything together. It was done in a mature way.”

David Luiz concluded: “The more you win, the more you believe, the more it becomes easier.”

“It starts to become automatic. You know what you have to do, you know the mentality. It is not about the beginning, it is about the end.”