According to Gunners academy coach the Brazilian footballer, David Luiz, will have to get better at defending in the following matches.

David Luiz will have to learn from the mistakes he made this season early on.

“I think he will learn from his mistakes on the pitch, but he is very comfortable being at Arsenal,” former Germany center-back Per Mertesacker told Sky Sports.

“That’s what I have been seeing. So we are happy to have him.”

“He brings something different to the table right now. So I think he is able to learn and excel his level of being an Arsenal player,” he said.

“I think we have a lack of balance right now, where you feel like, OK we have amazing strikers but they as well need to understand that we need to have certain compactness.”

jordan henderson, liverpool, premier league

Henderson reveals that he was “ready to kill Suarez”

Jordan Henderson joined Liverpool in 2011, just like Luis Suarez, as the duo would go on to play for one of the most memorable Liverpool sides in recent years.

“It’s not only about our three strikers providing an offensive threat. It is about these front three as well, leading the first front line as being a defensive unit,” he commented.

“So I think we need to be cautious of that. No matter how much striking power you have got, you need to have a sense of defensive compactness from everyone.”


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