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David Silva: Manchester City is my best decision ever

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Manchester City’s David Silva, revealed why choosing the Citizens may have been the best decision of his whole career as a footballer.

David Silva’s career is on par with some of the most illustrious Spanish players ever, but he didn’t really shine at club level until he moved from Valencia to Manchester City.

‘El Chino’ as most of the world knows him, got his early success with the Spanish National Team where he won two consecutive European Championships and one World Cup.

When he was still a player for Valencia, Silva was always procured by some of the biggest clubs in the world but he chose Manchester City because the English club was the one that showed the most interest in his services.

After 260 Premier League appearances, ‘Chino’ already is one of the club’s legends and he has been able to win three of the five league titles that the club has won in its history.

All of the trophies that the club has won, has kept Silva as one of its key players. However, the man’s life completely changed after Pep Guardiola’s arrival.

The Catalan manager spoke with David before anybody else, he revealed that his unique talents as a midfielder were going to be the cornerstone of Manchester City’s offensive style.

Silva has blossomed into one of the most prolific players in the club’s history, where he has already collaborated in 130 goals in the Premier League alone.

But more importantly, he has been the player who helps the rest of the midfielders to understand what Pep Guardiola requests from them and has mentored the younger generation with special attention to teenager Phil Foden.

David Silva has already been told that the kid is the one who will eventually replace him in the squad, you can tell why Pep has chosen him by just watching the youngster play some football.

Although Silva has already won so many trophies for the Citizens, Pep Guardiola’s arrival is giving us a hint that the best is yet to come from the Spaniard.

So far this season in all competitions, ‘Chino’ has already scored 8 goals and threatens to beat his all-time high which he got during the 2013-2014 season when he won the Premier League for the second time in his career.

Also, David is still looking to win the only trophy he has left to lift: the UEFA Champions League.

“Genuinely, they were the team who wanted me the most and went the extra mile,” said David Silva in an interview that will get published on the January edition of Four Four Two.

“Other teams were interested, but Mancini got in contact a long time before the end of the season to see if I wanted to come here, and say I was a big part of his plans.”

“When someone puts so much effort into demonstrating they want to sign you, you follow your heart. That was the best decision I’ve ever made in football.”

“Pep Guardiola has put me in a position where my best qualities are most to the fore,” he added.

“There are subtle differences when you’re playing centrally, but that’s definitely the best place for me because I always love to have the ball.”

“He’s not really asked anything different from me [since arriving in the summer of 2016]. You always have your struggles when there’s a new coach and it was no different with Pep.”

“A new coach brings a new philosophy, so there are new things to learn. Ultimately, everyone is responsible for getting the best from themselves,” he concluded.

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