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David Silva reveals the hell he went through for his son

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Spanish midfielder David Silva, opened up about the horrible experience of having his newborn son fight for his life during last season.

In the Amazon documentary series called ‘All or Nothing’ where Manchester City featured throughout all of their last record-breaking season, one of the most heartfelt moments was the struggle David Silva endured as his son fought for his life after being born prematurely.

Anybody who is a father and has a health-related issue with his child, knows the awful moments that the Manchester City player went through and the series pictured the support he always got from his teammates and manager Pep Guardiola.

This season, there were images of David holding his son in his arms alongside all of his teammates and watching him healthy was something that we all celebrated.

The player hadn’t really shared the complicated moments he went through with anybody from the press until now, Silva offered an interview to The Telegraph and spoke freely about those difficult moments from last season.

David is not playing a new season for Manchester City as one of the club’s skippers, he is also considered one of the most respected players in the institution and he only has a little less than two more years of his contract.

“To see your team-mates and coach there for you when you need them, it’s something I’ll be grateful for forever,” said Silva on the interview.

“I ask myself how did I cope with that?’ says Silva. It was such a tough situation. It was obviously the toughest, most difficult period of my life. What’s going on in your private life and then trying to combine that with your working life.”

“Being on the road, traveling so much, you’re eating badly, you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re not training and if you are training you are training badly. So I was completely out of my normal routine.”

“Football was the thing that helped me the most. For that time I was out on the field, those 90 minutes, that was the only way, the only time I could forget stuff.”

“For that short time, you’d enjoy the game for what it was but then, as soon as that is over, you’re back to thinking about everything again.”

“No, I don’t think anyone is prepared for something like this. Everyone has an image of a premature child but until you live it and experience it, you just don’t know how bad it is.”

“Until you physically go through that situation you can’t appreciate what it would be like. You view things from a different perspective.”

“I think you learn to value the important things in life. I don’t waste my time doing my head in about stupid things that don’t really matter and worrying over nothing,” he concluded.

David Silva is already savoring the upcoming Manchester Derby on Sunday, which will be one of the most important matches for the whole city and will put together two of the most competitive clubs in European football with vastly different styles of play but just as effective.

David Silva is part of the Premier League revolution that Manchester City is leading since Pep Guardiola arrived, many believed that coming in to disrupt an already established style of football wouldn’t be possible but the Citizens have been proving everybody wrong for a couple of years.

Silva’s offensive predisposition to play the famous tiki-taka, is what makes him an essential part of this squad and one of the biggest reasons this club has managed to stay at the top for this time.

When he wasn’t able to play last season due to his personal problem, there were other players who could replace him but David is back in full swing and ready to face the Red Devils.

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