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David Villa could have come to the Premier League

David Villa, Spain
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Spanish legend David Villa admits he had many opportunities to come to the Premier League, but things never seemed to work out.

Perhaps one of the best strikers to ever come out of Spain was David Villa.

In a 20 year career, he never left La Liga while he was in his prime.

He made a name for himself at Valencia. From there he made the big-money move to Barcelona. Ending his top-level career with Atletico Madrid.

He did play with New York City in the MLS, Melbourne City in Australia and Visel Kobe in Japan during his twilight years.

That was all before retiring this past year.

The Spaniard reveals in an interview with the BBC that he had plenty of opportunities to grace the Premier League. But for one reason or another, things never seemed to work out.

He said:

“I love the Premier League. In my career, I always watched a lot of games in the Premier League.”

“I always thought about going there one time.”

“But at the moment that all these offers arrived at me or to my agent, I made another decision.”

“Why? I don’t know.”

“Many times I had the opportunity to go there, but I chose another way.”

Apparently Arsenal and Arsene Wenger came the closest.

He added:

“We were in a lot of meetings and a lot of calls.”

“I felt 90% at that moment that I [would] go to Arsenal and Arsene Wenger.”

“But at that moment we didn’t arrive at the deal, Atletico Madrid arrived and in three or four days fixed everything.”

He ended up going to Atletico Madrid, where, in the 2013/14 season, he helped them to a rare La Liga title.