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Davies, in the best environment to learn

Alphonso Davies
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According to Canada national team coach Jonathan Herdman, the young footballer will become better after just six months with Bayern Munich.

18-year-old winger Alphonso Davies joined German Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich during the winter transfer window.

And since then, he has been developing into a fine player, something Canada national team coach Jonathan Herdman is very happy to know.

“I’m really happy with the opportunity he’s created for himself,” Herdman was quoted by the official Bundesliga website.

“He’s put himself into a very good club. He’s in the best environment to learn.”

“Alphonso is learning from some of the best players on the planet who have played in that position, in [Franck] Ribery and [Arjen] Robben,” he added.

“Anything he can take at the age of 18 from players like that, that’s going to take him to the next level, and that next level might not come until he’s 20 or 21.”

He commented: “What I’ve learned from the regular conversations I’ve had with Bayern Munich’s people […] what they’ve highlighted [Davies has to work on] is that confidence, that confidence to play freely when you’re playing with guys you only previously played with on FIFA.”

“You have to play with yourself and fight through mistakes, and these are things he’s learning. When he gets that, it will only bring him to the next level for Canada when we play in more important games, including the Gold Cup and Nations League,” he continued.

“He was told very quickly that if you don’t know what you’re doing with the ball before you receive it at this level, you’re dead. He said it took him two weeks to adapt to that,” the Canadian national coach concluded.