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De Boer – MLS is closer than ever to Liga MX

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Frank De Boer is more confident than ever heading into this year’s CONCACAF Champions League, insisting the gap between the MLS and Liga MX is closing.

The CONCACAF Champions League has been dominated by Liga MX teams since its inception.

The teams from the MLS have always been considered the poor relations in footballing terms.

The gap has been seen to get closer over the years, with MLS teams aking the finals and later stages more frequently.

However, Atlanta United boss Frank De Boer feels that the gap is now closer than ever and that an MLS team claiming the title is inevitable.

In an interview reported by Goal, the Dutchman believes the quality of players being signed by teams in the USA is a huge contributing factor.

He said:

“It’s very good that there are players like Fernando [Meza] and Pity in MLS because they are going to raise the level of MLS.”

“Now there are many players that want to be in MLS, including Mexicans.”

“We are proving that the difference between Liga MX and MLS is closing now that MLS has much more quality.”

“The level will surely grow because when you play with quality players the level rises.”

“I think it’s fantastic that players like Pity want to play in MLS and even more so with our club.”

“But Chicharito is also a phenomenon and will be very good for the youngsters, as a player and as a professional.

“Pizarro is also a very good player and it would be fantastic if he signs with an MLS club.”