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De Boer – “the worst coach in Inter’s history”

Frank de Boer
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Dutch legend Frank de Boer has been branded “the worst coach” in Inter Milan’s history.

That is the opinion of former Inter Milan winger Jonathan Biabiany.

The Frenchman spent three years at Inter, and a part of that stay was during the 14 match tenure of De Boer.

Speaking to ITA Sport Press, Biabiany pulled no punches when he gave his thoughts on the current Atlanta United boss.

He said:

“For me, he was the worst coach in the history of Inter.”

“He didn’t get results in Milan and then he went to England to Crystal Palace and did even worse.”

De Boer’s time a Palace was even shorter-lived than his time at Inter, that reign lasted four games.

Biabiany continued:

“His style of football fails on all fronts.”

His two short shifts have become trolling gold on social media.