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De Bruyne expects harder competition

Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City, Pep Guardiola
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According to Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City’s rivals this season will change their tactics when they play against the current English champions.

Manchester City has won back-to-back English Premier League championships.

And for Citizens’ footballer Kevin De Bruyne, this means their rivals will change their tactics when playing against them.

“Obviously teams are going to play differently, maybe even more defensively than they did, so we may have to learn how to break things down in a different way,” he said to the club’s official website.

“That’s what we did last year differently to the previous season.”

De Bruyne commented: “That’s something that will come along the way, it’s not something that you can really prepare for now.”

“You can always improve but the main thing you must do as a team is staying constant.”

“To improve is more individual, but as a team to do much, much better than we did in the last two years is nearly impossible,” the midfielder added.

“It’s all in the details. Not only for me but for all the players it’s a pleasure to be managed by him and the results show that.”

“Over the last two seasons the way the team has played and the amount of trophies we have won shows that the players are good, the manager is good and it’s the perfect combination,” he concluded.