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De Bruyne leads Belgium through a Scotland thrashing

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With a beautiful performance from Kevin de Bruyne, Belgium thrashed Scotland in their own ground at Glasgow’s Hampden Park.

Not having Eden Hazard is not a problem for the Belgium National Team, they had Kevin de Bruyne in top form against Scotland tonight.

The Manchester City midfielder performed as a winger this evening, he’s reached a quickness to his game that very few players in the world can play at.

Manager Robert Martinez is very aware of how fast Kevin got thanks to Pep Guardiola’s coaching, which is why he decided to place him as a forward instead of a midfielder.

This wager completely paid off from the very beginning of the match in Glasgow, the Scottish had a few clear attempts that they couldn’t transform into goals before De Bruyne started his show.

The ginger footballer set Romelu Lukaku up for the first goal with a clinical assist from the left-wing, this was only the start of a magical night for Kevin.

Martinez decided to allow De Bruyne more freedom to change positions with Dries Mertens, this paid off perfectly during the first half.

The second cross Kevin sent to the box was from the right-wing this time, Thomas Vermaelen was the lucky player who connected with it and gave Belgium a second goal before the first half-hour of the match.

This Belgian squad already seems unstoppable without Eden Hazard, we can only imagine how good they will be when he returns.

Right before the break, De Bruyne completed an assist hat-trick from a corner kick.

This time it was Toby Alderweireld who scored the goal with a header that hit the bar and then the inside of the goal, the ball came back out but the linesman saw it going in.

This was 3-0 for Belgium, the absolute star of the show was Kevin de Bruyne with yet another one of those stellar performances.

The whole second half was a lot more relaxing for Belgium, they only needed to protect the result they got during the first half-hour of the game.

Manager Robert Martinez certainly requested his players to not risk any injuries during the rest of the match, they didn’t want to get any issues with a Scottish footballer not liking the result.

They gave a relative power to the locals, who came very close to scoring their goal throughout the second half but weren’t able to deliver.

It is painfully obvious that this Scottish side is not material to play at the UEFA Euro 2020 next year, they are far from the most powerful teams in the continent.

All they can do is play the best they can and not get humiliated in the Qualifiers.

This is something they struggled with during this match against a powerful Belgian side, they weren’t able to score even a single goal this evening in Glasgow.

De Bruyne’s cherry on top against Scotland.

It’s not odd watching Kevin de Bruyne providing several assists in a single match, but a hat-trick of them is quite the accomplishment.

The Manchester City star is reaching a level of performance that can be compared to the one he offered two years ago, this was before he got injured.

There are many players who injure their knees and never return to the same level of performance, this is something that De Bruyne doesn’t have to worry about.

We even think that this version of the player is better than the one who got injured right after the 2018 World Cup, there is a lot in store from Kevin this season.

De Bruyne couldn’t seal his stellar performance in Glasgow without his own goal, which came with eight minutes still left on the clock.

In a build-up from the defenders, somebody found Romelu Lukaku making the move towards the box.

The Inter striker wanted to return the favor to Kevin, he did it through a backheel pass to the right side of the box.

Without even thinking about it, Kevin released a right-footed shot that plunged into the far bottom corner.

The match ended with that assist hat-trick and a goal from Kevin de Bruyne, who was the game’s MVP without question.

This result gives Belgium a perfect score in Group I, they have won six out of six in the Qualifiers so far.

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