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De Bruyne slams West Brom’s Mclean

Manchester City v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League
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Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has criticized West Brom for the tough approach they made against his side, where several questionable challenge’s were made during the game

De Bruyne was particularly critical of West Brom’s James Mclean who made a very poor attempt at a tackle on the Belgium international, with De Bryune saying that the “ball wasn’t in the neighborhood”.

West Brom’s Matt Phillips made another questionable challenge on City’s Brahim Diaz very late in the game, which left manager Pep Guardiola furious. Phillips only received a yellow card when he made a cruel attempt to bring down De Bruyne on the break with a studs-first challenge.

While not initially aware of just how dreadful that challenge, De Bruyne speaking after Cty’s 3-0 victory over West Brom said:

“I didn’t know the tackle was like that,” De Bruyne told reporters. “I’ve just seen it [McClean’s attempted tackle]. Let’s just say the ball wasn’t in the neighbourhood.” the Belgium revealed, according to Goal.

“The referee told me he didn’t touch me good enough to get the red card, but obviously I told him I saw the guy, I was jumping. I don’t know what they [players making overly-aggressive tackles] are thinking – you can also pull a shirt – that’s more effective than a tackle.

“Sometimes it gets frustrating for us. A lot of teams are making a lot of fouls against us. We make a foul, we get a yellow card, I don’t know how it’s possible sometimes. I know sometimes there are tactical fouls, but it’s just the way it is.”