De Gea thinks Man United is finally defending well

During an interview with the club’s website, goalkeeper David de Gea analyzed why he believes Manchester United are finally defending well.

Turns out that Jose Mourinho was wrong all along, Manchester United is not poor in defense and according to David De Gea, they are quite good at defense at the moment.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s arrival has brought up the very best of players who were believed poor at defending, people like Phil Jones or Victor Lindelof have performed fantastically with the Red Devils on the manager’s first eight matches with the club.

David de Gea has a first-row view to his teammates’ defensive demonstrations, he is one who can talk freely about the differences between the Manchester United from today and the one that was playing very poorly when Jose Mourinho was still the boss.

The players have finally understood that Manchester United works far better when they are working together as a unit, they all make defensive coverage and they all go on the attack as well.

People like Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial, or Alexis Sanchez are always there to cover everybody’s back and press from the very start after the Red Devils lose a ball when they go on the attack.

This predisposition is one of the main reasons why the players at the back feel so confident, David de Gea analyzed the whole process and dropped the names of players who have vastly improved with this new system.

“We’ve continued to improve at the back, we’re conceding less for a start,” said De Gea on Manchester United’s website.

“I think we’re creating a lot more chances as well and we’re scoring goals as a result of that. I think the type of football we’re playing is allowing us to get forward, score and with that, win games.”

“It’s all about keeping this rhythm up. The main thing is keeping up this standard and hopefully the victories will keep coming,” he added.

“I think the form of Jones and Lindelof is absolutely vital for the team,” said the Spaniard.

“They’ve enjoyed some excellent form and been very, very good. I think as they continue to play together they get to know each other more and each other’s style of play even more.”

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“All the defenders have been doing well. I think when the defense plays well it gives a lot of confidence throughout the team and it’s not just that we’re conceding less goals, I think we’re giving away less chances as well, so long may it continue.”

The debate about David de Gea’s form was also a major concern for all the fans, they were always wondering how much longer would one of the world’s best goalkeepers last at the club when the results weren’t coming their way.

Now that things seem to be going back into place for the Red Devils, all the fans who wondered about this are happy because they can rest easy knowing that David de Gea will stay for a lot longer.

The Spanish goalkeeper constantly flirted with the idea of going to another club in the Spanish La Liga, Real Madrid was constantly after his services and he nearly agreed on a deal a few years ago but things have changed for the better now.

Even if the Red Devils don’t win a title this season, they now have the certainty that at least they will compete against the best clubs in Europe and not let them win that easy.

Manchester United are finally back, they have one of the most competitive clubs in the world and they actually have a host at winning some silverware this season with the amazing players they have.

How much longer do you think it will take Manchester United to win a major trophy now that things seem to be going back to normal? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.



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