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De Jong negotiations were not easy

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According to the now Barcelona footballer, he joined the club thanks to the intervention of president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Frenkie de Jong was presented yesterday at the Camp Nou in front of thousands of Barcelona fans.

He signed a contract for the next five years with the club, but it was not always easy.

“Barça were always interested in me and in reality, were always my preference,” de Jong told Sport.

“But the talks were difficult and I had the sensation at one point that in reality, it wasn’t the moment to go.”

The youngster explained: “In the end, there was [Manchester] City and PSG, I didn’t have Barça in mind.”

“Until my agent, Ali called me. Suddenly, they got very serious. That time Barça came with what I wanted. It had nothing to do with money. When I speak, I speak about football. Barcelona had a plan.”

De Jong’s agent Ali Dursun said: “Talks broke down with Barça but it seemed the president himself wanted to come.”

“I said to Frenkie, don’t respond to anything from Spain, although later we said we had 45 minutes and it was possible to listen to them.”

“And after exactly 45 minutes, they convinced us. When the Barça directors left, Frenkie and I said that was enough,” he continued.