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De Jong reveals he hasn’t spoken with Ernesto Valverde

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During an interview on Sunday, midfielder Frenkie de Jong revealed that he hasn’t made any type of contact with manager Ernesto Valverde.

Now that Frenkie de Jong has agreed on a new contract to play at FC Barcelona, one would think that he and Ernesto Valverde have at least spoken once.

However, this couldn’t be further from what’s actually happening. The Dutch midfielder is currently fully focused on the Netherlands’ training camp ahead of next week’s UEFA Nations League semifinal against England.

The ‘Orange’ is currently trying to get back into the top positions among the most competitive international teams in Europe.

Frenkie de Jong is an essential part of the plans that manager Ronald Koeman has for the squad.

There simply aren’t other players like Frenkie, we are talking about a one of a kind talent who has the potential to lead the Dutch into victory.

Despite Koeman’s past as an FC Barcelona legend, the manager has kept a distance when it comes to talking about his former club.

The ideal scenario for Frenkie right now is to actually keep his mind clear over the next few weeks and only think about defeating England.

The Netherlands can’t forget that missing out on the FIFA World Cup last year was incredibly embarrassing and painful.

Winning the UEFA Nations League is the top priority at the moment.

Frenkie’s lack of communication with FC Barcelona.

The fact that Frenkie de Jong is so determined to help out his national team is worth noting, but there is also the fact that he is not talking to Valverde.

The Txingurri manager hasn’t made any type of contact with the player yet, even though Frenkie should become one of Barcelona’s most important players for the future.

We know that Ernesto won’t let any other player take Ivan Rakitic’s place, the Croatian midfielder is the gaffer’s favorite player in the squad.

But Ivan recently confirmed that he doesn’t fear for his future at the club, he doesn’t believe De Jong is coming to take his place.

In fact, this new arrival will take a little time to completely get used to the team’s dynamic.

Ivan Rakitic is convinced that his position within the club is not in jeopardy and that’s why Valverde’s lack of interest in De Jongis quite surprising.

The Dutch player was recently questioned about Rakitic’s words and he was also asked about his relationship with Valverde, or lack thereof.

The player feels like he came to be a part of an already incredible team, he doesn’t want to make anybody feel uncomfortable and he is eager to learn from the best.

De Jong is aware of his inexperience, something that could keep him on the bench in the beginning.

“I was told that I was signing a new contract to occupy one of the three positions in midfield. We will see what happens,” said De Jong during the interview as quoted by Goal.

“I won’t be the one who says in which position I am going to play. I still haven’t gotten the chance to speak to Ernesto Valverde.”

“You keep telling me he is under pressure right now, but I know this is also due to the media outlets.”

“Regardless of this, I don’t know how things are at the club right now. But I do have to insist on what you ask me, I haven’t had any type of contact with him.”

“Koeman? I would say that I see him coaching the Dutch national team. Plus, saying anything else would be incredibly disrespectful to Valverde.”

“I really don’t think those things are happening as the people keep commenting. It wouldn’t be wise for me to speculate about this matter in any sense,” he added.

Frenkie de Jong is already geared up and fully determined to play the UEFA Nations League semifinal against England.

The match will take place on Thursday at Dom Afonso Henriques stadium in Guimaraes.

The young midfielder needs to get a good result on that match and then think about his new adventure at Barcelona, once his national team is no longer playing the competition.

Winning the UEFA Nations League would be a huge boost for De Jong’s confidence, and also very beneficial for FC Barcelona.

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