De Jong spoke with PSG and Guardiola before his decision

During another interview after his transfer was made public, Frenkie de Jong revealed that he spoke to Tuchel and Guardiola beforehand.

The last couple of weeks have been incredibly hectic for Dutch midfielder Frenkie de Jong, he’s had to deal with PSG’s Maxwell and manager Pep Guardiola during the time of the negotiations with FC Barcelona.

As we all know both Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City were eager to get their hands on the Ajax talent and both clubs were making strong proposals to him on a daily basis, the player was polite at all times and heard every single one of them.

The key moment in all of this negotiation was when the player decided to directly speak to both Pep Guardiola and Thomas Tuchel, he needed to tell both managers directly that his decision was to play for FC Barcelona as the next step of his career.

Things worked out differently with both clubs, Pep Guardiola obviously reacted in a very different manner than the people at PSG did.

Because even though the Catalan manager currently coaches Manchester City, he will always look out for his beloved FC Barcelona’s best interest as this is the club closest to his heart.

When De Jong told the manager about his decision, neither he nor the rest of the board responded in a negative way and accepted the decision.

But things didn’t work out like that in Paris, as the club has been struggling immensely to secure the signing of a new midfielder during a very challenging time for them.

Sporting Director Antero Henrique promised Nasser Al-Khelaifi that he would bring De Jong to the club, but he wasn’t able to deliver and now his job might be in question at the moment.

Paris Saint-Germain urgently needs a player with Frenkie’s specific set of skills, they will now have to go on a panic buying spree before the winter transfer window closes and they will obviously not get the player they were hoping for.

With Adrien Rabiot’s situation on a point of no return and Marco Verratti recently injured, the club has fewer options to get their things together and the clock just keeps ticking for them.

And now with Neymar’s injury fresh after last Wednesday’s fiasco, things are about to implode at Paris Saint-Germain in a season that seems destined to fail miserably once again.

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The Dutch midfielder revealed that he didn’t speak directly with PSG manager Thomas Tuchel, instead he spoke to board member Maxwell and then he had a one on one with Pep about his final decision.

The Dutch player talked to NOS about his chats with both clubs, and he also revealed that he didn’t speak to manager Ernesto Valverde at all.

“I spoke to PSG, yes. I rang Maxwell to tell him I was not joining them and my agent informed PSG,” he revealed to NOS.

“I also spoke with Guardiola about a move to Man City. Clubs all try to convince you when they want you. I am happy and proud that they did so much to get me. I am happy, proud and also somewhat relieved that it’s now all behind us.”

Even if clubs like Manchester City showed a lot of interest, Frankie revealed that choosing the perfect fit for him was actually not that difficult due to FC Barcelona’s rich history and tradition.

“Barcelona have always been a dream club for me,” De Jong continued.

“The fact that they were so serious about getting me and that I have a good chance of getting playing time made the decision a bit easier.”

“I already watched Barcelona as a kid and then when I was a bit more aware of the game you had the Guardiola era with all their successes. That turned me into an even bigger fan. I have always been a big fan of Messi, although I liked the entire team.”

Why do you think Frenkie de Jong chose FC Barcelona over Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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