De Laurentiis on Insigne and Ronaldo

Napoli chief Aurelio De Laurentiis claims Lorenzo Insigne wanted to leave Napoli and further hinted on his failed move to land Cristiano Ronaldo

Insigne looks set to prolong his stay at Napoli after reports emerged that he was ready to part ways with Napoli.

But De Laurentiis conceded that almost came to fruition as he could not stop his captain from moving on.

“I know that he’s a player of Napoli, a Neapolitan,” he told Sky Sports Italia.

“He’s always shown great attachment to this shirt, but I can’t force him to stay. In the past, he was attacked for being Neapolitan by some who can’t be called fans.

“He’s asked to leave several times, four years ago, six years ago and also recently before reaching an agreement with Raiola, he asked me to leave because he didn’t feel loved.”

Breaking: Cristiano Ronaldo won’t be prosecuted by Las Vegas police

The Clark County District Attorney's Office has issued a press release where it declines prosecuting a 10-year-old sexual assault allegation against Cristiano Ronaldo.

The movie mogul once claimed he had been offered Cristiano Ronaldo before he joined Juve, so what does he think about the No 7 now?

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s strong because he’s replaced his Coach with his presence. What’s [Allegri] had to do this season?” he continued.

“The real motivator is Ronaldo, he’s the man of the dressing room. When I saw him play for his national team, I saw him sitting on the bench driving his team and shouting more than his Coach to make them win

“I couldn’t afford him: my parents taught me that you have to always work within your means.

“I don’t have to prove anything to anyone because I’ve always been successful in my life, from the age of 25 when I made my first film.”


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