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De Laurentiis targeting a Napoli-Juve UEFA Super Cup

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With Juventus, the only Italian club left in the Champions League, Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis would like to see them clinch the trophy in the bid to achieve an all-Italian European Super Cup with his club next season.

Juve secured a quarter-final spot with a comeback victory over Atletico Madrid on Tuesday, while Ancelotti’s men are closing in on a quarter-final spot in the Europa League with a healthy 3-0 lead over Red Bull Salzburg.

The last time there was an all Italian affair in European final dates back to 2003 when AC Milan overcame Juve via penalties to win the Champions League.

For De Laurentiis dream to come through, Carlo Ancelotti’s men would need to win the Europa League, while Juve would have to end their wait for a Champions League title since 1996.

And when asked about his verdict on the Juve-Atleti tie, De Laurentiis admitted the Bianconeri had a good game.

“They had a good game,” De Laurentiis told reporters via Football Italia.

“I rate Simeone, but he lost the game. An all-Italian European Super Cup would be a gift for all the Napoli fans.

On the question about closing the gap on Juve, the club president hinted he wouldn’t embark on a spending spree.

“I can’t get into debt. I’m considered an expert in football because I’ve never got into debt.

“The same applies to Juve. For them to bridge the gap with the biggest teams in Europe, they’ll need to go into debt because the others operate at €800-900m, while Juve operates at €400-450m.

“I already owe money to myself, from when I personally put in €180m in my first two years so we could return to Serie A.

“However, stepping up a level isn’t done just by putting in money but also by changing regulations.

“We’d need a new law establishing that clubs are joint-stock companies with the purpose of making profits.”