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De Laurentiis: Champions League must be abolished

Aurelio De Laurentiis, Napoli
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Napoli president, Aurelio De Laurentiis, wants the European football governing body to abolish the Champions League in favour of the Super League.


De Laurentiis is in Madrid for a meeting called by the European League, the opposition to Andrea Agnelli and Eca who want the Super Champions League since 2024.

The Napoli president told Corriere della Sera the need for evolution in the game and why the Champions League is becoming boring with elite clubs dominating the competition.


“Do you think that in Italy from 1967 to 1988 the teams of Serie A were 16, today we are 20. We play too much and not very spectacularly.

“Our football is getting boring. Also in Europe, we have outdated competitions that in the end always bring the same teams, making the Champions League look like a race for few and the Europa League a sort of consolation tournament.”

According to De Laurentiis, the number of clubs has increased recently, but the Uefa continues to hold back too many revenues suggesting the turnover should grow exponentially.

“First and foremost, solving piracy, then at the national level stadium construction should be encouraged, with a modification of the existing law: more streamlined procedures and legislation aimed at creating economic balance, both in the management of the stadium and of its complex.

“The Champions and Europa League must be abolished, alternating them with a tournament, divided into 80 teams, to which the first seven of the Italian, French, German, English and Spanish championship standings and the first four of the Portuguese, Dutch and Belgian leagues.”

De Laurentiis meanwhile would see his side Napoli currently second in the Serie A feature in the Champions League next season.