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De Roon: PSG vs Atalanta will be a fantastic game

Marten de Roon
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Atalanta takes on the challenge of Paris Saint-Germain in the single-legged quarterfinal affair of the Champions League.ย 

Atalanta have been the dark horses in the Italian Serie A this season. But a win against favorites Paris Saint Germain would make them continental dark horses. 

They will be in the same league as Ajax last season. Progress further and they will be making history. 

Thomas Tuchel is in awe of La Dea and is wary of their attack. Marten de Roon accepts the praise coming their way and believes they can cause an upset given the nature of the competition.

โ€œPlaying only 90 minutes against such a strong side is easier than facing them over two legs,โ€ Football Italia quoted De Roon. โ€œWe can cause an upset, even if it will be difficult.”

โ€œWe will give our best. At the time of the draw, I thought it would be a fantastic game.โ€

Atalanta have come a long way since their opening day 4-0 loss to Dinamo Zagreb. No one would have bet they would make it to the quarterfinals of the competition. 

โ€œAfter the first leg of the group stage, we didnโ€™t think we could get this far. We wanted to win the last two games to qualify for the Europa League and instead, it went well for us.โ€