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De Rossi – to experience Boca was a “privilege”

Daniele De Rossi, Boca Juniors
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Daniele De Rossi wishes all football fans could experience what it’s like to be at a football game in Argentina.

Daniele De Rossi tried to describe what it was like to play in Argentina with Boca Juniors.

The former Roma star enjoyed a brief spell in Argentina before finally retiring for good.

The Italian explains that it was the atmosphere and the emotion of the whole event, not only on the field, but from the stands that make things so special.

Speaking to Sky Sports Italia, he likens it to Italy. But explains Argentina is in a league of its own.

He said:

“It is a unique place, very similar to Italy – more than we think, also because half of them are of Italian origin.”

“They live on a passion for anything, from food to music, to a passion for football.”

“It’s a championship that can be technically and tactically discussed.”

“But in six months I haven’t seen a player pulling back his leg or not giving 200 percent.”

The crowd’s enthusiasm amazed De Rossi, and here is where the difference with Italy lies.

He added:

“It is not about being a ruffian, which I don’t like.”

“But the most beautiful thing is what you see in the stands.

“It is a warmth that we no longer have in Italy: it is pure and selfless passion.”

“La Bombonera is the most absurd and sensational stadium in the world. I wish all fans to be able to visit it during a Boca match.”

“I feel privileged to have played there, even if it didn’t last long.”

Check out the video to get an idea of what he’s talking about, turn up the volume it’s well worth it!