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De Rossi discredits claims he wanted Totti out of Roma

De Rossi discredits claims he wanted Totti out of Roma
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Roma’s born leader and one of the club’s most valuable players, Daniele De Rossi, refused to take credit for recent speculations on a possible tension between himself and Roma’s darling, Francesco Totti.

A whole lot of buzz has been happening in Roma this past week, and it seems as though the entire focus falls on De Rossi. The now-former captain of Roma has recently faced some backlash, after word got out he was trying to sabotage Francesco Totti, pushing him out of the team.

To make matters clearer and shed some light on the topic, De Rossi not only opposed these claims but also released a statement to La Republicca, detailing the truth happening behind closed doors.

According to sources, the two key Roma players have had plenty of disagreements in the dressing room. Of course, this made one of the reasons why Daniele supposedly wanted the former team leader gone.

De Rossi discredits claims he wanted Totti out of Roma
ROME, ITALY – MAY 26: Daniele De Rossi of AS Roma greets the fans during his last match of the Serie A between AS Roma and Parma Calcio at Stadio Olimpico on May 26, 2019, in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images)

Still, from De Rossi’s point of view, this was not the case at all.

“There is nothing to be if not horrified. I should answer, I should give names and surnames. But it’s no use, I’m not the type. But what are we talking about, what are we talking about? What poverty are we talking about…?” De Rossi wondered.

“I think the doubt comes only to the naïve. Don’t offer me the role as deputy managing director. I do not want to open the dispute between myself and Roma. I did not do it when we only talked about football, I do not do it now,” he urged.

“We are talking about science fiction; it is a very serious thing and I have nothing to do with it. I read the e-mail, there is no reference to me, to me against Francesco or Di Francesco or Monchi. We only talk about senators who do not like certain training methods,” Daniele finished.