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De Zerbi believes Mazzarri is “one of the best coaches” in Italy

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According to Sassuolo boss, Roberto De Zerbi, the Torino manager is one of the best at his job in the whole Italian Lega Serie A.

Sassuolo is set to play against Torino tonight, in its first match of the 2019-2020 Italian Lega Serie A season.

And for Sassuolo boss Roberto de Zerbi, Walter Mazzarri is one of the best coaches in the whole country.

“Mazzarri has been working for such a long time and is one of the best Coaches in Italy,” De Zerbi told Football Italia.

“He’s smart because he can see what’s going to happen next before anyone else, he has the experience, is intelligent and of course talented.”

He commented: “It is only my seventh season as a coach, but I want to reach the level of Mazzarri and those Coaches one day.”

“Like me, Sassuolo has only been in Serie A for seven years, so together we’re making baby steps.”

“We don’t have as many fans as some other clubs, especially one with a great tradition like Torino, but we are growing and hopefully will continue to grow with more and more enthusiasm,” he continued saying.

“We need fans, as it’s a different experience playing with a big crowd cheering you on and we want to encourage them too.”