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De Zerbi shares Fonseca’s attacking philosophy

Roberto De Zerbi, Serie A, Sassuolo
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According to Sassuolo’s coach, Roberto De Zerbi, “if you play this type of football, you accept the risk that goes with it.”

Sassuolo and Roma are set to meet today in the Italian Lega Serie A.

And for Sassuolo’s coach Roberto De Zerbi, the attacking philosophy of Giallorossi’s boss Paulo Fonseca is great.

“Roma have a clear identity and strong players, but we are going to the Stadio Olimpico in order to play our football and take the initiative,” he told Football Italia.

“I think we can expect an entertaining game.”

He explained: “I like the way he has so many men going forward, building out from the back, and in my own small way that is also what I have always proposed too.”

“Inevitably, that does leave some weaknesses in defense, but if you want to play a certain type of football, you must accept the risks that go with it.”

“You can’t be a hybrid, you must decide what you want to be. It’d be great to win every game 4-0, but you can’t always do that,” he added.

“Roma have the quality in their squad to be considered a great side. We might get trapped chasing their passing at times, just as we have done that to other teams and may well do it to them too. We’re certainly not going there just to be sparring partners.”

“They are very strong players and I genuinely believe we’ve strengthened a great deal over the summer. Defrel will try to move a little closer to Ciccio Caputo rather than be out wide on the left. He can’t go on the right, as Domenico Berardi is there,” he commented.

“Chiriches is the right player for us, as he brings experience and quality to the defense. It’s even possible to adapt with a three-man defense.”