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Dean Bouzani on loan to PEC Zwolle

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Melbourne City has opened up on Friday about Dean Bouzani’s move to join the European club, Pec Zwolle, on a loan.

Bouzani watched Zwolle from the bench on Monday as they went on to win their host Groningen in a 1-0 victory. It was the club’s first win in four matches.

Bouzani is over at Zwolle to stand in for Diederik Boer who is currently nursing an injury. However, in clause in his transfer deal gives his new side the right to sign him over should he impress the club enough.

Football Network has it that Zwolle will feel so much like Melbourne City to Zwolle as there is a handful of people he has been with at City there. These people include his former coach at City John van ‘t Schip who is currently managing Zwolle, and his former teammate Denis Genreau, who is also on loan at Zwolle.

Bouzani had made 46 appearances for City since he moved over to their camp from Western Sydney Wanderers in the middle of the 2015/16 season. He had kept 7 clean sheets and conceded only 26 goals in the previous season.