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Dean Saunders is not a fan of Ryan Giggs

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The former Wales international doesn’t like the way his national team has gone backward under the management of Giggs.

A single goal by Mate Patkai in the 80th minute gave Hungary a 1-0 win over Wales in yesterday’s EURO 2020 Qualifiers match.

This leaves the Welsh squad in the fourth position of Group E with only three points after three matches.

And former Wales international, Dean Saunders, doesn’t like the way the team has been handled by manager Ryan Giggs.

“No, I’m not confident,” he told talkSPORT.

“We‘re in a bit of a mess at the moment.”

“Right now we’ve got a lot of young players and some of the older players have retired and aren’t playing anymore, so they need a bit of experience,” he added.

“When you’re playing at that level, you need experienced players in your team.”

“[The critics] will be starting to lean on Ryan Giggs now,” he said.

“We got used to winning in that two-year spell when were we did well at the Euros.”

“If you think back to that team in the Euros, compared to this team now – if that team played against this one, I know which team would win,” Saunders added.

“He’s got a problem, Ryan. He’s trying blood youngsters because he’s got to try and rebuild the team, but they’re going to lose a few games.”