Deeney says he’s excited to introduce his team to Prince William

The Duke of Cambridge will attend this weekend’s FA Cup Final between Watford and Manchester City, meeting both teams before the match.

Watford and Manchester City will meet in the FA Cup Final this weekend.

And both teams will have a special visit, as they will be visited by Prince William.

The Hornets’ captain Troy Deeney says he’s excited for the opportunity to introduce his team to the Duke of Cambridge.

“Only in last 10 days or so has it started to sink in what it really means,” said Deeney to the club’s official website.

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“I’m from low-income housing and we don’t get to meet royalty and if I’m starting I’ll get to introduce my team to royalty.”

“I’ve been involved in every game in some way. There’s going to be a good showing back home from my lot. I want to show it’s not a one-off,” he added.

“Tactically, Javi will have us spot on but the biggest thing this season has been the fitness. Yes, there’s the odd injury here and there but he’ll know what to do and for him, it’s about enjoying it as well.”

“He’s been great – he’s a lovely human being. He never comes out and talks about what he did. It’s always what the players did,” he said.

“We didn’t get called out for a lucky ticket from a raffle to play in the final against City, we earned it.”


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