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Del Bosque explains how Messi rejected to play for Spain

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After Messi’s performance in the Champions League, Vicente del Bosque reminisced about the day Leo rejected to play for Spain.

Lionel Messi has always played for the Argentina National Team but Vicente del Bosque recalled when Spain attempted to lure him.

The former national team manager has always been on the loop when it comes to new players who can help La Roja, he was very aware of Messi from the very start.

The whole Spanish Federation did everything in their power to convince Lionel to play for them, but Messi is from Argentina.

The player’s parents always taught him that Argentina is his home country despite his age, Messi never even imagined a different destination for him to play World Cups or other tournaments.

However, this never stopped the Spanish Federation from trying to convince him.

The player himself has revealed in the past of the attempts they had towards him, but he always had the same response.

However, we never really had any details about the negotiation and how they specifically tried to do it.

Fortunately for all of us, Del Bosque doesn’t forget the missed opportunity and he will always live with the doubt of what could’ve been with Leo Messi.

The missed opportunity.

The Spanish manager was the man who is often regarded as one of the men responsible for winning the biggest trophies in Spain’s history.

Luis Aragones did win the European Championship in 2008, but Del Bosque continued with the streak.

This is where the speculation comes into play, Spain was already one of the most powerful national teams in history.

However, having Messi would’ve completely changed the game for them and Leo would probably have a couple of World Cup titles under his belt already.

“Messi would’ve added value to the Spanish national team,” Del Bosque said via Marca.

“I insisted that the Spanish Football Federation did everything they could to try and get Messi to play for Spain, but Lionel didn’t want to and rejected us because he wanted to play for his country.”

“Messi coming to our team wouldn’t have made things worse, it would’ve been for the best. Messi is Messi and there is only one [of him].”

“I don’t know if we would’ve won more, but I’m sure that he wouldn’t have harmed us, but bettered us instead.”

“If we’re talking about dreams, I would’ve liked to have coached Messi with Spain,” he added.

“I’ve also been lucky to coach great and fantastic players. Messi is level [with them], if not better.”

Argentina wasn’t ready for Messi.

Regardless of how much the Argentine media complains about Lionel Messi never winning anything for his country, all of them got a reality check last night.

Messi was always questioned in complicated matches for Barcelona without Xavi or Iniesta by his side, but he completely squashed any shred of doubt with his brace against Liverpool.

Suddenly an important part of the Argentine media realizes that their problem lies elsewhere, Messi is not to blame for their inability to win titles in recent years.

The Argentina National Team might never win any trophies while Leo Messi is still at the top of his game, this seems like the biggest missed opportunity in their history.

While all of this drama unfolds and frustration takes hold of the whole country, the Spanish FA keeps scratching its head wondering of better ways to convince Lionel Messi in the past when they attempted to make him play for Spain.

This will be another one of those parallel universes in which anybody would love to clear doubts about what could’ve been.

Argentina doesn’t deserve Messi, even if he keeps trying his best to win a trophy with them.

Just imagine what could’ve happened…

Posted by Ronaldo.com on Monday, April 15, 2019

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