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Del Piero: Juventus signed Ronaldo to win the Champions League

Juventus v Club de Atletico Madrid - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg
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Alessandro Del Piero believes Juventus signed Cristiano Ronaldo to win the Champions League with the Portuguese striker.

Juventus legend spoke about his former team and their massive come back against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League 10 days ago.

He said that he was not surprised by the victory, as he knows the winning mentality of the club.

“It wasn’t a big surprise for people like me who have known Juventus for some time. For those of us who know the club, the mentality and the players, this was something that could happen. It wasn’t unbelievable,” Del Piero told Marca.

“It wasn’t easy, but they played a perfect match. They were good at specific situations and Atletico disappeared as the game went on.

“Juventus prepared the match very well. They tried to find Atletico’s weaknesses and that’s not easy because they are strong in defence.”

Del Piero believes Juventus signed Ronaldo to win the Champions League for the Bianconeri.

Juve haven’t won the most prestigious club competition since 1996. For what’s worse they’ve lost five Champions League finals since then, including one against Cristiano’s Real Madrid in 2017.

“That’s what Juventus bought him for. He is a champion who has won this title and who knows what it’s like to play these difficult matches, with good football and by scoring goals. He is focussed on the objective. Juventus signed him for this and the plan is going perfectly so far.

“I was a little surprised when I saw the news, but not too much. Ronaldo could pick whatever team he wanted to go to in the world and it was a good piece of business that he picked Juventus.

“Failure is a really big word if they don’t win it. I wouldn’t use it. The project is about winning the Champions League with Ronaldo and he signed for four years. If you can win it in the first year then even better,” he concluded