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Dele Alli believes the Spurs can do without Kane: “Look what we did without him”

Dele Alli, Harry Kane, Tottenham, Premier League
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Harry Kane suffered a season-ending injury and it’s a big blow for Tottenham’s ambitions as Jose Mourinho looks for his replacement.

However, Kane wasn’t available for the most part of 2018/19, too!

Tottenham eventually reached the Champions League final while ending up in the top four in the Premier League.

Dele Alli believes the team can repeat their success.

“Look at when he [Kane] got injured last time. Look what we did without him.

“We proved that it’s about the team, not a single player. Harry is a fantastic player and he would be a miss to anyone,” Alli said, quoting the Telegraph.

In the meantime, Tottenham will look for a replacement. Raul Jimenez is on the radar, although it’s unlikely to see Wolverhampton giving him up.