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Dele Alli facing FA investigation after ‘stupid’ coronavirus video

dele alli, tottenham, premier league
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Dele Alli is facing investigation from the FA following his insensitive snap-chat video about the coronavirus outbreak.

Alli was the subject of controversy recently after a video he posted on Snapchat appeared to be racist inclined.

The Tottenham man uploaded the video while at the lounge at Heathrow Airport.

The first showed him wearing a mask with the caption: “Corona whattt, please listen with volume.” What are believed to be Chinese accents could be heard in the background.

He then zoomed in on an unsuspecting Asian man and finally a bottle of antiseptic handwash, with the caption: “This virus gunna have to be quicker than that to catch me.”

The 23-year-old has apologized but has received a message from the FA over a possible investigation.

As per The Telegraph, it could all lead to a potential fine and ban for Alli if found guilty after the investigations.

The same procedure happened with Bernardo Silva who was given a one-game ban and £50,000 fine last November after the FA deemed his tweet at teammate Mendy “racist” inclined.

The FA are disappointed this is coming from an English player and Alli could yet see further punishments from his actions.