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Dele Alli hopes to avoid FA ban by claiming coronavirus post was private

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Dele Alli is hoping to avoid a ban from the FA after claiming his coronavirus post was private.

The Spurs midfielder was recently charged by the FA for his controversial post on Snapchat and is hoping to avoid a potential ban.

As per Evening Standard, Alli believes his case is different to that of Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva — who was fined £50,000 and banned for one match in November.

Silva posted the video on Twitter (a public forum) while he shared his to a private group on Snapchat.

The video was copied and sold to a national newspaper, with the 23-year-old said to be unsure who was behind the leak.

In a statement on Silva’s ruling, the FA pointed out the Portuguese’s tweet “was not a private communication between two friends [but a] post…on a social media platform exposed to the 600,000 followers”,

Which would appear to support Alli’s defence.

The 23-year-old has also apologised twice for his post — including in a video sent to Chinese social media site Weibo.

The Spurs man is saying the FA should consider the initial audience of his video..considering it wasn’t meant for the public.

Alli has until next Thursday to appeal the charge, after which an FA commission has 10 working days to decide the case’s outcome.