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Dele Alli: My relationship with Poch goes beyond football

Dele Alli
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Dele Alli has stated that Pochettino had a greater impact on his life than just on the field.

Mauricio Pochettino was sacked by Tottenham on Tuesday. During his five year stay in London, the Argentine was not able to win any trophies for the club. But Pochettino established a good relationship with many of his players and was influential in bringing Tottenham back to life.

Recently, Spurs midfielder Dele Alli paid tribute to Mauricio Pochettino. The 23-year-old said that his relationship with his former boss was beyond the football field. Alli claimed that Pochettino had a great impact on his life and shaping his career.

“I think it’s clear that our relationship was more than just football,” Dele Alli told Premier League TV.

“He’s someone that meant a lot to me, and to a lot of the players – because when you speak to him, it wasn’t just about football things, it was about life stuff as well.

“He had a big impact on and off the field in my life, so I can’t thank him enough and all the staff that were there, not just for me but for the team as well.

“Yeah, it’s been a difficult one, but we’re professionals. We’ve just got to focus on the game at the weekend and the new challenges ahead,” Dele Alli insisted.

“We worked together for so long, he’s a great man, and it was important to him not just what was going on on the pitch, but how we were as people.

“He wanted us to be good people as well as good footballers, so when you have that trust in a manager and you speak a lot after five years, obviously you’re going to have a great relationship.

“I’m very lucky I got to work with him and he is someone I will call my friend, and I know we’ll always stay in touch,” Dele Alli concluded.