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‘Delete the club’ Fans react to rumors of Messi wanting to leave Barca

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Spanish media claim Lionel Messi is ready to leave the club once his contract expires in Barcelona. We look at some of the reactions to this piece of news.

The much dreaded news for Barcelona fans about Lionel Messi is up in the air once again.

It is being claimed the Barca talisman is ready to leave the club once his contract expires next summer.

To be fair, it’s not the first time we’ve heard rumors of Messi wanting to leave only to see him sign a new contract at the end of the day.

But at the age of 33 and Barca looking past their best of recent, there could yet be some weight to it all this time around.

Any contract at all for Messi next year could be his one last contract before retirement. Spanish outlet Cadena SER broke the news about the Argentine wanting to leave the club and fans had their say on the matter.

One Barca fan has simply advised to end the club if their captain departs.

One Manchester United fan had one of the funniest takes you’ll see on the Messi saga.

One Barca fan can understand why the little magician would want to leave.

Another Barca fan points that Messi has done similar in the past and maybe there’s no reason to be afraid.

One Barca fan wants him to leave..for the sake of the club.

Only time would tell what happens but Lionel Messi could be on his way out of Barcelona next summer.

His issues right now appear to be with the Barcelona board. A deeper understanding of it all is in the article below.