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Depay reveals Jose Mourinho made him lose his mind

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In order to shed a little more light to the way Jose Mourinho pressed his players, Memphis Depay revealed how he lost his mind thank to him.

Memphis Depay’s story has been interesting to follow since he started his career, he believes Jose Mourinho took his chance to succeed at Manchester United.

The Dutch player arrived at the club with the huge responsibility that comes with wearing the mythical number ‘7’ shirt inside the club.

Only the club’s biggest legends have been privileged enough to sport this number, but this luxury became less impressive after Cristiano Ronaldo left.

In fact, this number has been abused in recent years and worn by players who don’t deserve it.

However, Memphis truly believed he was the man who would give back the prestige that this number lost over the last few years.

When he first started playing as a Red Devil, Memphis was sidelined by Louis van Gaal and the player accepted it.

Depay has repeatedly confessed he wasn’t ready to play at his best level because he was still immature.

The club eventually decided to sack the Dutch manager and bring Jose Mourinho to the squad, something that initially motivated Memphis to perform at his best level.

But the Portuguese manager had no plans to use him in the club, this angered Depay to a level that he still regrets to this day.

The player recently published his autobiography called ‘Heart of a Lion’, where he speaks about his experience at Manchester United.

The player wrote how players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba, or Michael Carrick didn’t understand why Mourinho’s problem was with him.

Things reached a boiling point that even affected Memphis’ personal relationships.

“Looking back Van Gaal had some good reasons to put me on the bench after a while,” wrote Memphis on his book as reported by Manchester Evening News.

“I didn’t reach the level that time I needed to succeed at United. But when José Mourinho took over, the situation was different.”

“In the beginning, I felt confident and I started to train at a higher level. At a certain moment, I was killing it on the training pitch.”

“But nothing changed my situation. That made it harder to accept compared to the season before.”

“Even players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Michael Carrick, and Paul Pogba asked me how it was possible that I never got a chance.”

“Mourinho told me he was very happy with my level of play at the training and with my attitude. And that my chances would come. But they never came,” he added.

“During that time I lost it. After training, I went home and didn’t want to see anybody. That was mentally a very bad period. And it got worse every day,” continued Mourinho.

“Looking from the outside I had a good life: being a part of one of the biggest clubs in the world, living in a beautiful home with a swimming pool, together with my best friend Gigi, driving in a Rolls Royce.”

“But I was totally unhappy with my life. “For the first time, I lost the joy of playing football. The most beautiful thing in my whole life, football, gave me a very sad feeling.”

“The frustration grew by the day and I didn’t know how to change that. Mainly because at that time I didn’t have the relationship with God that I have today.”

“Sometimes my frustration exploded. Then I started to throw with stuff at home. Pure rage and frustration. One day I even attacked my best friend Gigi at home. Out of the blue.”

“My rage ended just in time before I would hurt him, but afterwards, I felt so ashamed. For me, that moment was the sign that I had reached rock bottom. I was shocked by my own behavior.”

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