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Derby County will face a “tough time” if Lampard leaves

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According to the team’s owner, Mel Morris, the club has enjoyed success with Lampard, who took them to the English Championship Playoff Final.

A few weeks ago, Derby County was playing against Aston Villa in the English Championship Playoff Final.

And even tho the team didn’t qualified to the Premier League, the club is seen as a success in the second level of English football.

Manager Frank Lampard is said to be joining Chelsea after Maurizio Sarri moved to Juventus in the Italian Serie A.

And for owner Mel Morris, his departure would mean Derby would face a “tough time” in the Championship.

“We’re going to have a tough time ahead if Frank goes. If he’d done a bad job at Derby this season then this wouldn’t be happening,” Morris’ words were quoted by Sky Sports.

“When Frank met me for the first time we spoke about this opportunity and we knew that somewhere down the line it would happen, although we thought it would be some way off.”

“You don’t have to give permission but we talked about this eventuality,” he added.

“Let’s be honest, the Chelsea job comes around pretty frequently, and it was always going to be there for Frank, we just didn’t think it’d be after one season.”

Morris explained: “It’s impossible in a situation like this. The last thing you want is, if someone has a desire to go, them looking over their shoulder.”

“I have a great relationship with Frank – and Chelsea – and this will continue.”

“I would have been more critical if it was a lower half Premier League club but this is one of the top jobs in football and we have to respect that,” he concluded.

“It’s a huge decision for Frank and a huge decision for Chelsea and I have no regrets, however, this works out.” it will happen at some point in the future that Frank goes to Chelsea, I just hope it’s not now.”