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Deschamps calls back Ousmane Dembele for France

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France manager Didier Deschamps revealed his call-up list for Les Blues’ next two friendly October matches against Iceland and German. He included Dembele.

It’s safe to say by this point of the season, that Didier Deschamps is just as impressed as we are with Ousmane Dembele’s performances with Barcelona and that made him decide to give him a call-up with France.

One of the French manager’s most complicated decisions before the World Cup was selecting the final squad that was going to play the tournament in Russia, as he arguably has one of the largest pool of incredibly talented players to choose from and he really did leave out many amazing players who could’ve easily be considered starters for the France National Team.

Deschamps also included many of them who were very talented but barely had any prominent participation during the tournament. Amongst those players was the ‘Mosquito’ Ousmane Dembele, who didn’t have the best year with Barcelona after suffering an important number of muscular injuries and being constantly under pressure for having the responsibility of becoming Neymar’s replacement in the Catalan club.

The youngster did make it to the final list for the World Cup, but Deschamps ultimately decided to leave him out of pretty much all the matches during the tournament in order to give more minutes to other players.

Deschamps spoke directly about Dembele because he believes that the player has great untapped potential that can transform him into one of the best players in the world, but he thinks that Ousmane still needs to mature as a forward.

The boss pointed out that young players like him usually struggle with defensive abilities at the start of their careers, because all they think about is attack and football is about teamwork.

“Dembele is doing a great start of the season with Barcelona and he is also scoring goals but he still needs to improve on defense. He has many offensive characteristics that allow him to break through complicated scenarios, his start of the season for Barcelona is very good and I’m happy about the goals he’s scored so far.”

“But Dembele still has a lot of room for improvement in a club where he has very stiff competition. I don’t think he is still fully aware of how demanding high-level football is, but he has characteristics which allow him to create many problems for his opponent.”

“If he keeps adding more characteristics to his game as he has done with his club in this start of the season, I think he will improve much more,” said Deschamps in a press conference at Clairefontaine as he presented the list for the next two friendlies against Iceland and Germany.

The manager also spoke about Thomas Lemar’s case because he thinks that playing for Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid will shape him to become a more complete player.

Deschamps highlighted the work that the Argentine manager usually does with all his players, where he tends to help them develop skills that are different to the ones they already have and makes them better all-around players.

“Even if Lemar is playing in different positions to where I usually put him, he is playing great football for Atletico. He has great technical abilities and I think he will progress with the game that requires him to move without the ball, which is not exactly his strong suit.”

“But looking at the requirements that Simeone is asking from him, Lemar will certainly improve without losing any of his best qualities as a player. He still needs time to adapt to a new country and to a club that has many mechanisms already established.”

“Sharing the squad with both Lucas and Griezmann will be of great help to him,” added Deschamps this Thursday at a press conference. you can check France’s call-up list down below.

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