Deschamps feels honored by The Best award

The French manager can brag about being one of three people in the world to have won the FIFA World Cup as player and coach

Didier Deschamps was selected as FIFA The Best Manager after guiding France to the 2018 FIFA World Cup title.

He is one of three people in the world who can brag about winning the trophy as a player and as coach.

Only legendary Brazilian Mario Zagallo and German star Franz Beckenbauer can say that.

And now, in an interview with, the French manager talked about how he feels after so many titles this year.

“Obviously I’m very proud. It is a great honor to receive individual awards, although in this case, it’s a consequence of our most significant achievement on 15 July, something I wouldn’t change for anything in the world,” he said.

“Winning the World Cup put me in the spotlight, but that was thanks to my players and the image we portrayed during the tournament.”

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“Their generosity, enthusiasm, and unity produced something fabulous, and all the French people with whom I’ve spoken say the same thing. We experienced something fantastic and that happiness should be shared,” Deschamps added.

“It’s recognition of my work and that of all my staff and players. It’s also a source of pride for the entire federation, who created the best conditions for the squad.”

“Yes, I am the one being rewarded tonight, but the prize is for everyone involved in our success,” he concluded.