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Di Maria: Argentina is always a title contender with Messi

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During an interview with Diario Ole, Angel Di Maria revealed that he missed playing alongside Leo Messi and the Argentina National Team.

We heard from Messi or Aguero ahead of the Copa America, but we still hadn’t heard from Angel Di Maria’s experience returning with Argentina.

‘El Fideo’ is the last of only three players who remain from the squad that is known as the old guard of the national team.

The expectation is mounting rapidly with this team because they are already considered the favorites to win the competition by elimination.

Brazil was the absolute favorite before they lost Neymar, Colombia doesn’t look as strong as they were in previous competitions.

Uruguay will have Luis Suarez but he is fresh out of knee surgery. And finally, reigning champions Chile are an old team that looks extremely worn out and won’t have Alexis Sanchez playing on their side.

This competition does appear to be one of the easiest tests for Lionel Messi’s squad, but Argentina needs to play the tournament before making any early predictions.

The first match against Colombia will be key to know how prepared this squad is for the challenge. Angel Di Maria certainly is happy to be a part of this squad.

Fideo recently spoke to Diario Ole about his sensations leading up to the competition, he expressed much of what he felt during the season and before the first call-up list came out.

Di Maria loves Lionel Scaloni’s new methods.

Contrary to Sergio Aguero’s fear of not getting the call, Angel Di Maria had an early conversation with Scaloni about the possibility of him playing the Copa America during the summer.

The press started getting concerned about his situation because he wasn’t getting any calls during the friendly internationals in which the manager started putting together the team.

Out of all the players from the previous generation, Di Maria understood that Messi was the only one who had his spot secured in the squad for Copa America.

But that talk he had with Scaloni right after the last World Cup, was the reason he remained calm.

The Argentine player did have a very competitive season at PSG, he played a lot more than he thought he would due to Neymar’s injury.

This is ultimately what made him a strong prospect to get the call-up from the gaffer, that and his previous experience in other competitions.

Di Maria is convinced that Argentina is the main favorite to win the tournament, but only because they have Lionel Messi on their side.

“I love playing with the ‘Midget’. I love watching him in practice as well. The things he does. It really is something unique, impossible to explain,” said Di Maria during the interview.

“Just the other day, Acuña send a very complicated cross but Messi scored a half bicycle volley.”

“That’s when you just give up and appreciate what just happened, it was a great goal. None of us could pull that off.”

“That’s why I try to enjoy myself when I’m here. I actually had the chance to play at Barcelona and it just didn’t happen.”

“If I did go there, it was mostly to play alongside him (Messi) and watch him every day. When he takes the ball, I’m just another fan watching him do his thing.”

“I watch him happy right now, he gets along really well with the younger players. The group that Scaloni put together is fantastic, everybody is a good lad and very respectful.”

“This is absolutely essential for a tournament is this nature. I keep hearing the question about us being title contenders or not. Leo says we aren’t, ‘Kun’ says we are.”

“Ultimately, we are the Argentina National Team and we have Messi on top of that. It’s hard not being considered the favorite to win a competition under those conditions.”

“But we all know that you don’t win just because you are Argentina. Today, everything is so competitive. If you don’t pour your soul on the pitch, winning becomes extremely difficult.”

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