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Di Maria spoke to Lionel Scaloni about his return

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Argentine winger Angel Di Maria, revealed that he already spoke with Lionel Scaloni about his Argentina comeback and responded to Icardi.

The Argentina National Team didn’t just lack Lionel Messi during the Lionel Scaloni process, they also lacked Angel Di Maria but the PSG winger already cleared his situation with the squad.

The man intends to continue his international career for as long as he remains at the top of his game, he is about to turn 31 years old and he still feels like he can give a lot to his country.

Di Maria revealed that he spoke to the new manager in order to agree on his return date to the National Team, Scaloni received this interaction in a positive manner because he also feels that Di Maria is crucial for Argentina’s title aspirations.

The winger lives a situation that can be similar to Lionel Messi’s, for he is not still at an age where he can be considered a retiree just yet and he can help the squad during the 2019 process in which Argentina will play the Copa America in Brazil during the summer.

Also, Di Maria wanted to respond to the Mauro Icardi diss against the whole previous generation of players and revealed that none of them liked his words.

But first things first, Angel Di Maria offered an interview to Fox Sports where he discussed his conversation with manager Lionel Scaloni.

“I actually spoke to Lionel Scaloni and I told him that I wanted to go back to the National Team,” said Di Maria.

“I always try to do my best for the club and he knows it. I am available and if not, I will keep working hard in order to be ready for the day I get another call.”

“I will never turn my back on the National Team shirt because I feel it as a very important part of my life and something huge for any football player.”

“All I want is to be available for the next qualifiers and then the Copa America. I am working hard for that and I’m always doing my best to be considered.”

“I am 30 years old, I believe that I am currently in the best moment of my career. When I spoke to Scaloni I told him that I am available. I will never say no to the National Team,” he added.

Di Maria’s response to Mauro Icardi

“I really don’t care what Icardi said. It’s hard to be liked by everyone on the first day. But everybody can say whatever they want,” continued ‘Fideo’ on the interview with Fox Sports.

“I only care about what affects me. I have been with veterans in 2010 and I never had a problem, I felt like one more of the crew.”

“The same thing happened in 2014, there were old and young players. The 2018 tournament was also the same. Mauro came once or twice with Sabella, once or twice with Sampaoli.”

“If you lack continuity with the squad, feeling part of the group will be difficult. There already was a formed group, but we always tried to integrate any new player who arrived in the squad.”

“I remember that I used to visit everybody’s room in the last World Cup. I remember that I visited Pavon, I also visited Higuain… After that, everybody behaves in a different manner and socializes differently,” he concluded.

Just in case you were wondering, Di Maria’s response to Mauro Icardi came as a reaction to the Inter forward’s latest comments about the previous Argentina generation that didn’t treat him as he expected when he was part of the team.

His words weren’t well-received by almost anybody he was referring to, Di Maria’s response is just the first of many as more will certainly come forward when they get questioned about it.

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