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Di Maria was willing to risk his career to play in the World Cup final

Angel Di Maria, Argentina
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Angel Di Maria reveals how only three people in the world knew the truth about his World Cup injury, but he didn’t care and was willing to risk it all.

In the summer of 2014, Angel Di Maria was representing Argentina at the World Cup. He arrived off the back of a great season with Real Madrid and a man of the match performance in the Champions League final.

However, to Di Maria that was all inconsequential.

The opportunity to play in the World Cup and eventually in the final was everything to the PSG star.

In an interview reported by the Evening Standard, the former Manchester United man explains how serious things were.

He said:

“The only three who know the truth are doctor Daniel Martinez, coach Alejandro Sabella and me.”

“I had a muscle tear in the game against Belgium, I was at about 90 percent.”

“The leg wasn’t totally right, but I wanted to play and I didn’t care at all if I never played football again.”

“It was one of the things I was told could happen, but for me, it was the World Cup final, it was my final.”

The winger admits he was willing to do anything to play.

He added:

“I went to talk to Alejandro and I told him, crying, that I wasn’t at 100%.”

“I knew he loved me and that he wanted me to play, but he sought the best for the team.”

“I was going to have an injection. I wanted to try. But after the meeting, he decided to play Enzo Perez in my place.”