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Diaby defends Neymar behaviour claims

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The Bayer Leverkusen winger says that whatever is being written about Neymar could not be further from the truth.

While Neymar has always been in the news for his petulant behaviour and volatile nature, one has to think if that is exactly the case.

Although he has been a constant source of headache for Paris Saint-Germain, there could be an off chance that in person, Neymar is a great fellow. And that is what Moussa Diaby feels about his former teammate.

The young winger recently moved from PSG to Bayer Leverkusen and shared a locker room with the talented Brazilian.

Amid rumors that the player has grown tired of life at PSG and that he wants to leave for Barcelona, Diaby says that Neymar is actually a pretty normal guy. As opposed to him being petulant and spoilt, the Frenchman says that he never had a problem with the want-away forward.

While speaking to Goal, Diaby said that Neymar never had an issue with his teammates.

“I met Neymar as a normal guy. He did not show any celebrity and did not want to kick every ball on the pitch. He sometimes gave tips to young players.

“You can see he’s got a lot of experience, but he treated everyone the same way. Nobody had a problem with him.

“I do not think that he has become another person on the pitch. Of course, a lot is spoken and written about him, but there is always a part of it that’s a lot of nonsense.

“How can you judge him as a person if you only see from the outside?”

Reportedly Neymar was unhappy with certain young players at the club. But Diaby said that he never had an issue with the Brazilian.

“No. There was a good mood in the locker room and we laughed a lot together. There was no discussion in this regard.

“When the experienced players talk to the younger ones, they listen and try to take the advice. I never saw that one of the boys did not want to listen.”