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Did Ceballos just let the Premier League restart date slip?

Ceballos Arsenal
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Arsenal’s Dani Ceballos may have just given us a huge clue as to when the Premier League is set to restart after letting a date slip during an interview.

The British government recently announced that the Premier League could tentatively prepare for its first round of games on June 12th.

This would mark a return to action following a two-month lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It now appears this may be slightly more than a tentative as an apparent schedule may have been arranged, with the players told when they will be playing.

In an interview with Spanish radio station RTVE, Ceballos apparently inadvertently let slip the date when games are due to begin again.

He said:

“We are going to start a week late with respect to what is being talked about in Spain, which is June 12.”

“We are going to start the league on the 20th.”

This weekend saw the return of the Bundesliga, La Liga, and Serie A are penciled in for about three weeks time and now apparently the Premier League is about four weeks away.

Football is back!