The Manchester City players pranked a group of fans for the social media account of the club, shattering a fake cup to pieces.

Social media was full of stories about this incident. Even the media were reporting on a broken English Premier League trophy.

After footage emerged showing Kevin de Bruyne and Sergio Aguero with a group of Manchester City fans shattering their trophy to pieces, the club explained.

It was all a prank!

On the video published today a group of supporters celebrating their birthday went to the Manchester City offices to take photos with the trophy and meet the players.

And they were met by de Bruyne and Aguero.

“I’m really excited is my birthday today, how else would you like to spend your birthday?” one fan said.

They were taking selfies and photos with the trophy but were told not to touch it.

lionel messi, argentina

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“You can even hold it if you want to,” the Belgian midfielder told a fan, while Aguero said, “don’t touch.”

And just as they were celebrating like champions, the trophy was shattered to pieces by the footballers, accusing the fans of pushing them.

But it was just a prank and the real trophy was brought out, which calmed the fans who couldn’t believe just happened.


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